Monday, January 20, 2014


The squawkatoos and Kookaburras woke us early almost every morning, and we heard a Koala grunting and snorting around at night.  This little King Parrot came looking for a handout one evening. 

Spotted on the pathway. 

Out and About

We enjoyed some beach and town walks during the week.

The bathing beauties of Lorne.

On the pier. 

Beach walk

This next shot is unfiltered and un-Instagrammed. Fire warnings were very high to extreme, and there was some smoke in the air on Friday. 

Beach Appropriate Entertainment?


Beachy Good Times

We had some fabulous time on the beach and in the water last week.....sore muscles and bad sunburns aside, everybody enjoyed themselves.
On Friday, we spent the morning body boarding. 

Scott blasting past Ella on a wave.

Scott watching someone catch a wave in to the beach... and I'm kneeling in the water, about to hold my iPhone over my head the second this wave hits! The water was just gorgeous!! Even the following day, after the cool change came through, and the wind blew at around 21 degrees instead of 35 degrees, it was still glorious to be in the ocean.

Cooling Down

It was so hot in Melbourne that the candles on our deck melted! 

....whilst we were splashing around in this: 

High Risk Activity

On Ella's birthday, we all went on a bush ride with Blazing Saddles in Aireys Inlet. 
It was bloody hot, but we all enjoyed ourselves....

My horse, Leroy. 

Scott with Bob.

The birthday girl and Willow.

On the trail.... Jack is up ahead on Sylvester.


Animal print boots?! But of course!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Nerf Wars

Chaos reigned as we divided into 2 teams on the first evening we were in Lorne. All of us were armed, with primary and secondary weapons... and everyone was prepared to rain down hellfire on the others. 

 The skirmish was short, but brutal.