Friday, October 28, 2016

Birthday at Butchart's

Birthday Girls


Mum & Dad

Sarah & I

Scott & Jack at the entrance to the Japanese Garden

Jack at the Sunken Garden Fountain

Birthday Celebrations Continue with Beautiful Friends

Drinks with beautiful friends at Little Jumbo in Victoria

My awkward hand is unfortunately in the foreground of this selfie....

We had the best bartender.... he made us custom drinks....

Dinner at Il Terrazzo

Walking home to sober up along Fort St, and across the new (to me!) sunflower crosswalk.

Friday, October 21, 2016

The best coffee in Victoria can be found in Oak Bay

Scott and I are coffee snobs, and in our efforts to find the coffee most like the type we are used to drinking back in Melbourne, we found Hide+Seek Coffee. It's owned  by former Belmont students of mine --  Jesse and Jamie Owens, (which makes me feel super old!)
We were staying just around the corner from  5 different cafes in Cook Street village, and we preferred to drive almost every morning to get a coffee here. 
If you live in Vitoria and you haven't yet checked it out.... do so now!

Dallas Road

Dinner at Lori's

Lori  and Peter hosted  a great dinner party for me to catch up with lots of people in one place. I didn't get photos of everyone, but here are a few: . 

Josie and I

Jacqui and I without a filter in the photo above, and and then in all our SnapChat glory. 

With just a week before her knee surgery, Marilyn came to enjoy a visit. 

The Demmings Family....

Aubrey, getting ready for Oktoberfest. 

A Wander around the Inner Harbour

We spent one day doing a walking tour of downtown Victoria -- didn't take very long, but we hit the highlights. 

The bagpiper who usually hangs out on this corner didn't make the photo cut. 

The Empress Hotel

This totem was new since I had visited last.... the Knowledge Totem, and this is a frog. 

The Parliament Buildings. 

Roger's Chocolates... definitely a highlight!

The Pawn Shop on Johnson Street. 

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Arrival in Victoria!!

Of course the first landing in your destination is to be celebrated with a well known baked good/delicacy from said country...... Hello Timmy's! It's been a while!
Post donut, waiting for our connecting flight to Vancouver Island..... and both boys asleep in their chairs. 

Our Airbnb in Fairfield. Gorgeous place!!!

Great view of the living room.