Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Belated Happy Canada Day

The day did not pass without due recognition: pancakes with maple syrup and bacon for breakfast! I hope all my friends and family back in the Great White North had a fantastic Canada Day.... Xo

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Another city excursion

As part of our adventure today, we missioned over to Malvern to sample the alternative to the Melbourne hipster burger craze: hipster fries and shakes. 

This town is in love with all Anerican-style foods, and at Boy & Co you can get chips: the usual and sweet potato, salt and vinegar shoestring chips, "loaded chips" (loaded with cheese and chilli and such), as well as some very yum thick shake flavours. 

So, after lounging with random cats at the Cat Cafe, we ventured across the city through Friday arvo traffic to try it all out. Super salty, very more-ish. A good time had by all, with everyone engaging in some kind of fitness activity later that afternoon!

Hanging with Felines

On Friday, we went into the city in search for tasty treats and the Cat Cafe. Our own cat Stitches has been in disfavour ever since he used Ella's suitcase and Scott's cable bag as his litter box. He is frequently rejected from time inside, and given short shrift. 
Needless to say, after time spent with about a dozen well fed, smug and happy cats at this cafe near the Queen Vic Market, we  felt sooo guilty that we have neglected him, and we have altered our attitude to be better cat caretakers. 

The Cat Cafe is a cool idea that has already taken off in highly populated places around the world like Japan, Taiwan, and Europe. And why not? This is a cat person's heaven. Don't have a cat? come here, buy a coffee and a snack and sit and chill with the animals. 


Most of the residents appeared to be in siesta when we visited, but there were a few active or semi-active types around ready to check out a rattle toy for a few seconds before settling back to sleep someplace else. 


I want to call him X-box, but I don't think that's this one's name.....

Drama Teacher Life

So, on my term holidays, I make props! Such is the life of a drama teacher....
This is for our school's upcoming production of The Addams Family Musical. It's Fester's rocket ship, and it lights up. 

I've also made a TNT detonator box, and still to come, I'll be making a conquistador's helmet, 2 bullfighters capes, and a crossbow. 

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Scott's Birthday

Scott's parents, Fran and Ray stayed with us for a week, and they were with us for Scott's birthday. 

We went into Fitzroy to have lunch at Belle's Diner, which serves real Southern Fried Chicken. the regular Southern Fried recipe is yum, but You can get your chicken fried spicy too: Medium, Hot, Really Hot and Really F***ing Hot. 

Ella and Fran

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Lorne Mini Break

And now for some back blogging.... Last month in April, during the school holidays, we spent some lovely days down in Lorne visiting with friends. We also found some time to do some beachcombing and rock pool exploring. 

The weather was ridiculously good!

We had time to  drive up to Erskine Falls to see a rather note worthy trickle  this year.

One of my favourite trail walking signs in Australia!

CBD Words of Wisdom

Scott and I went into the city a few times over the school holidays in early April to see some of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. 
We came across this profound light installation as we walked back to the car.