Monday, August 8, 2016

Voting Good Times

Back on July 2, I voted in my first Australian Federal election. Very exciting, as you can see! 

Father Daughter Jams

Scott and Ella plugged in and went electric in the studio. Nothing like father-daughter jams. 

Canada Day

Canada Day was not especially warm here in melbourne, but we quenched our thirst appropriately. 

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Cottesloe Beach

This is an iconic beach in WA. Not only is it beautiful, but it is also very sharky. The government is planning a multi billion dollar upgrade to the beach which includes a very good shark net. Heaps of people in the water on this day though, enjoying a swim, splash or snorkel. 
The  beautiful building on the beach is the Indiana Teahouse, which used to be the Surf Club, 

Lifeguard lookout. 

Tara, Scott and Stuart

Tara and Scott.

Stuart and Scott, and that's Evan photobombing. 
Callum flexing. 

Another view  of the Tea house and the beach from the groyne. 


A view away from the beach along the coast line. 

Freemantle Fishing Harbour

After wandering through the market, we walked across to the Fishing Harbour, and had a look around. This is quite a historic part of Freemantle, and had lots of statutes commemorating the early fishing industry here. 

Caitlin and I with a bathing beauty. 

That's the Indian Ocean!

Bon Scott, lead singer of ACDC grew up in Freemantle and it was only appropriate that Scott should have a pic taken here with Lachie, Evan and Caitlin.

Freemantle markets

The Markets entrance. I remember this from my visit back in 2007. 

Queuing up for crepes!

So many dream catcher stalls!

Cronuts! Croissant +donuts. Filled with Nutella. Along with a good coffee, this treat was super yum!

Hat stall

Public art...

Callum got an Akubra, so he and Ray were not only sun safe, they were also very Aussie!

Close encounters

We went on a drive to a Yanchep National Park , just a ways out of town, and I was SO EXCITED to see a mob of kangaroos just chilling out and having a snack.

Here is a grass tree that grow unchecked in WA. In Melbourne, they cost around $300 at the nursery, and that is for just a small plant.