Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The Rhodo is Alive!

The glorious bloom on this rhododendron has now faded and we've pruned it back hard for next year, but this was what it looked like earlier this Spring. 

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Beach walk

You can walk from Coogee Beach around the coastline to Bondi. Nadia took us from Clovelly Beach along the way to Bondi. We saw amaziing headlands and shiny beaches. The swell and the wind were right as well, so we saw heaps of city surfers in the waves.

You'll notice Scott is faithfully applying sunscreen! 

We had a tasty lunch at Bronte Beach alongside beautiful people wearing small yet stylish bathers. 

We motored past drunk British kids on Contiki tour, past careful German tourists in Teva sandals and cotton socks, and sometimes past fit and stylish Sydneysiders. 

And before we turned around to head back, I bought new bathers in Bondi. Altogether: amazing company, weather and scenery. 

 Oh, I beg to differ! 

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Around Sydney

We had a cultural day in the CBD where we wandered around Circular Quay and in and out of galleries and shops.  Sydney is such a gorgeous city! We saw this stuff:


Super Yum!


She's a sexy town, Sydney.

Hey Nadia, there's a Rubik's Cube on your beach

So there's this cool thing on the beach at Maroubra! 
Enough said. 

Beach time with Cocoa

In the first week of Spring holidays, we took Cocoa for her longest roadie since we drove her home from the rescue farm when we first got her.... Not massive, but a good solid 30 minutes down to Brighton to the famous Brighton dog park, a fenced off section of beach; looking out at the marina and the city.

She ran like a mad dog, and we traipsed after her hoping she wouldn't crash through people's picnics or beach towels in her crazy dash for new friends. 

She swam for the first time and drank heaps of salt water, wrestled a few dogs and played heaps of chasey. 
We put her back on leash once to take her out in the water, and actually, she did really well...generally speaking. 

Maroubra Holiday

Scott and I took the week to go and visit Nadia and Benny in Maroubra.

Their view.

One of their home breaks... the super local one.

They live just a few minutes from the beach, and Sydney turned on the great weather for us during our stay! 33 degrees on our first day there: obviously the designated beach day! 
We started most days with a morning swim. The ocean was about 17degrees.... So you knew you were alive when you stepped in!

We also checked out the Rock pool, which was fairly unpopulated when we went. Only old, leather-skinned walrus men doing laps...this is Scott in this pic though...not someone old and walrus skinned!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Springtime Contradictions

The weather in Melbourne is tempermental at the best of times, but it seems to be even more unpredictable in Spring. For example, last week, a massive storm rolled over Melbourne on Tuesday night, after a few days of sun and temperatures over 18 degrees.

 It was quite exciting.... there was thunder, lightning and an unexpected dump of several inches of hail.  

We lost new leaves and flowers off our Magnolia tree out front, and paint was chipped off our fence as hailstones tore through stuff.

Our front yard mid storm. 

The view of the road from our upstairs window. Hail and Rain!

And then, on Sunday... we had a glorious sunny day of 20 degrees. Grass grew, flowers bloomed and it was a definite blessing to be out and about. Here's a tulip in our garden.