Saturday, February 28, 2015

Girls Night In

Scott and Jack went out tonight to see American Sniper, and Ella and I had the opportunity to have a girl's night in. 

So.... In order to do it up properly, we had breakfast for dinner. 

Hot chocolate....,

with pancakes, bacon and fruit. 

We watched Blended (with Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler), did our nails....

And then a big storm came through, the lights flickered, the rain poured down and so we spent some comforting Pinterest time with Cocoa.... Who was a little bit worried by all the noise and wind. 

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Mr Rainbow

What's more fun at a party then beating the crap out of a pink unicorn?! Especially when you know it will bleed lollies?... Macabre, perhaps, but that's what makes it super fun! Everybody gave their best swings and smashes... and no real bodily harm came to anyone...except Mr Rainbow, our doomed pinata. 

I wanna be an Ewok!

Geek question: Do you remember the Ewok village in Return of the Jedi? Cool, yes? Way up in the trees?

Well, we celebrated Ella-Jade's birthday party up in the trees at Trees Adventure, an exciting place not entirely unlike the Ewok village.

The park is close to Puffing Billy Railway in Belgrave and is home to many rare trees, having once been a horticultural park. The ropes courses and zip lines (flying foxes) are all skill rated:Green being the easiest for little ones, followed by Blue, then Red and finally Black: Short Black and Long Black (appropriate for Melbourne and it's coffee culture!)

In some places, it can get a bit tricky, and steps are often spaced farther and farther apart from each other as the courses get more difficult.

You are taught how to harness yourself into the safety system, and you carry your own zip line pully, so you just clip in, latch on and hold on for dear life!
This barrel was in the middle of Short Black. You had to rock the cradle towards the platform in order to step out of it.

Some courses were 5, then 10 metres of the ground, others were 20. At it's highest platform, you are at least 40 metres above the earth!

The girls ahead of me on our first course (Blue).

Scott hanging on on the  Red course. 

So, no furry teddy bear like creatures or huts, just lots of verdant forest and fun. Ella and her mates had a ridiculously good time,everybody had adrenalised, scary moments,  and almost everyone  is a new "height addict" now. 

Lorne Getaway

Scott and I had the opportunity to sneak away to Lorne mid-week for 2 nights. We stayed in town and although our first day there was in occasional torrential, tropical downpour, the weather blew over to be warm and sunny.

While it is always busy in Lorne over the summer, it was somewhat less populated during our visit. The threat of bad weather drove folks back into the city. We weren't complaining. Less people to deal with as we proceeded to do sweet mother all.

One day we had a morning walk along the beach and then spent a lazy afternoon reading and snoozing on the sand, also enjoying a few swims in the surf. 

Looks like heaven.
 On days like this, in places as special as this place... I am often in awe that I actually live in this gorgeous country. 

Lorne has had biannual Sculpture festivals since I've been here and the dog pack is one of the sculptures they have kept and cleverly integrated into the landscape. 

Hot enough!

The weather has since broken, but we had a few days of weather in the mid to high 30's.... and you know what that calls for?! Alcoholic icy poles. This one is based on a local hipster icy pop recipe: Boozy PiƱa Colada!
There is nothing left to say. It's rude to talk with your mouth full! 

Saturday, January 3, 2015

First time SUPing

We went down to Safety Beach for the morning yesterday, meeting up with Sheila, Sue, Finn and Trin for a splash in some shallow water, and some time on water sports equipment. (sheila and Sue have inflatable kayaks and a stand up paddle board.

 Cocoa is not a fan of the stand up paddle board.

Happy New Year!!

We stayed up late to welcome in 2015.... Enjoyed a late dinner, watched an episode of "Mythbusters", bounced on the trampoline with glow in the dark balloons. 

We stacked up some yummy s'mores to roast over our fire pit. Our celebration finished with sparklers and party poppers. 

....wishing everyone a wonderful year ahead with much laughter and adventure.